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baler for palletising

Baler for palletising

Polypropylene Products manufacture and rework Woven Polypropylene FIBC bulk bags but we have a range of other services available.

We have a Palletising machine that ensures your Polypropylene FIBC’s or PVC bags are palletised securely for dispatch.

We have a Cold cutting machine used to cut to size woven polypropylene fabric or PVC . This can be cut to 2 metres wide and any length.

Out heat cutting machine can cut Woven Polypropylene fabric to a maximum size of 110cm wide.

Although our cutting machines can only cut to certain widths , that doesn’t mean your Polypropylene bags , FIBC’s or PVC solutions can’t be bigger than this.  We manufacture bulk bags or FIBC bags much larger than this.

If you would like your woven Polypropylene bags to be printed , we can print your bags on our Flexographic printer.