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Flexible Polypropylene Silos or Hoppers for EPE , EPP and EPS

Polypropylene Products are a leading manufacturer of small and large storage Silo bag solutions or hoppers , usually manufactured using woven polypropylene material to fit any size frame.

Large silo bags manufactured by Polypropylene Products

Silo Bags

We currently supply storage silos or hoppers to a number of large organisations mainly for holding foam bead , Polystyrene bead , moulded foam and insulation products including EPE , EPP and EPS. However, our Silos / Hoppers can be designed and manufactured for other contents.

Silos are otherwise known as Flexible Silos, Silo bags, Flexible Polypropylene Silos or hoppers

Any size can be accommodated, please contact us for standard or bespoke solutions.

Silo Bag or Hopper Features

Polypropylene Products Silo Bag in use

Silo Bag in use

  • We can manufacture from 1 metre cubed to 150 metre cubed capacity.
  • All storage Silos / Hoppers are made from Robust , UV Stabilized uncoated fabric.
  • Storage Silo bags / Hoppers can be made with lashing eyes or top and bottom sleeves to fit your frame.
  • Clear heavy duty viewing panels can be fitted.
  • Silos / Hoppers can be made with single cone or duel cone.
  • Silo bags / Hoppers can be fitted with heavy duty zip in cone area to aid cleaning during product cycle change.
  • The Silo Lid is usually made from vented material ( Lino Fabric )
  • Entry ports can be on the side or Lid position.
  • Silos / Hoppers can be fitted with Level Control ports.

We can manufacture in a very short turnaround time as materials are well stocked. When your Silo bags / Hoppers are complete, we will bale or palletise and deliver your order.