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Polypropylene: A Material Now and For the Future

Polypropylene material is commonly used in the construction , insulation and packaging industry. There is a global market for bulk bags , big bags , tonne bags and builders bags , FIBC or IBC bags and flexible packaging. We see some of these when going to any builders merchant or building sites. We manufacture to specific specifications.

Polypropylene material

Polypropylene Material

Within the insulation industry polypropylene material is widely used as a means of storing Polystyrene bead ie as used in bean bags .  We manufacture the storage bags ( large and small ) These are known as silo bags or hoppers. These bags store the Polystyrene bead in bulk and have discharge spouts to empty the product . Other materials can also be stored in the Silo bags. Please contact us for more information

Polypropylene bags are extremely durable and flexible. Polypropylene is the chosen material for builders bags , FIBC’s , bulk bags and flexible packaging and is a great option for use in adverse weather conditions.

Our manufactured woven Polypropylene is UV stabalised and a  flame retardant option is also available . Coated, uncoated  or vented versions are available depending on product specification. Please contact us for more information.

Polypropylene is used as a suitable alternative to other rigid materials such as cardboard , metals , plastics etc.

Polypropylene is available in various strengths and colours.

Polypropylene is affordable and re-useable and can be repaired easily. We offer a repair and alteration service. Please contact us for more information.

Polypropylene is flexible and can be adapted to suit specific user needs and requirements.  Areas that Polypropylene product solutions can be beneficial include safe transportation of specific goods , long term storagehandling aids and carrying devices plus many more.

Recent news suggests that Global PP growth rates are expected to increase from less than 4 percent in 2007-12 to just under 5 percent in 2012-17, according to an IHS projection.