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Repairs, Alterations and Additions of woven Polypropylene Bags and FIBC bags

If you have Polypropylene bags and sacks , FIBC’s , bulk bags or silos that may be faulty , require repair or simply need alterations or additions. Our repair , alterations and additions service is available.

Heavy duty sewing machines will be used to repair or alter your Polypropylene bags or FIBC’s. An example might be that you require Liners , discharge spouts , Lids or skirts adding to your existing Polypropylene bags or FIBC’s.

Once your FIBC bags are repaired or altered , we will re palletise and dispatch your repaired Polypropylene bags or FIBC’s.

We often find that our Polypropylene bag or FIBC repair , alteration and addition service is useful if your existing local or imported products do not meet your requirements. We can sort this problem and save you money sending them back or purchasing new bags.

If you have Polypropylene bags or FIBC’s that require liners. We can sew the liners into your existing bags. Also , if incorrect liners need removing and replacing , we can help.

As well as adding Liners , discharge spouts , Lids or skirts to your existing Polypropylene bags or FIBC’s  We can also put loop extenders on your existing FIBC’s

Making repairs to faulty polypropylene bags, sacks and silos

Other jobs undertaken include the fitting of skirts , lids or discharge spouts  to existing FIBCs or bulk bags for example.

A full delivery and collection service is included and local same day delivery is available.